Mother-Daughter Bat Mitzvah Program

Winter series
with Shirel Shmuel Zerobnick
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Pre Chanukah Shiur

Dec. 6

Rav Rafi Kadosh

(in Hebrew)



Elul shiur with Dr. Hillel Mali was dedicated by Rivka & Aaron Demsky, in memory of Rivka’s parents, חיה נעשע בת זלדה וירוחם פישל כהן ומשה בן שיינע וישראל נתן נטע גליס
Pre-Rosh Hashana program dedicated by Marilyn & Ed Croman, in memory of Frank & Chai Croman and Dovid & Helen Kaplan
Tzom Gedalya program dedicated by Pnina & Barry Farkas, in memory of Seymour Wolf Applebaum and Abraham and Bracha Korobchinski Applebaum
Pre-Yom Kippur program dedicated by the Morris, Ben Zvi, & Pushett families, in memory of Conrad Morris, and Michael Pushett
Shani Taragin’s Pre-Yom Kippur shiur dedicated by Tova and Rav Yitzchak Rubenstein, l’ilui nishmat Rav Nachman Meir Bernhard

Parashat Hashavua

The Emergence of a Reluctant Leader

Peshat & Beyond: The Emergence of a Reluctant Leader

Chayei Sara: Haftara, A Second Chance

by Ilana Goldstein Saks  In our haftarah we see David Hamelech at the end of his life (Melachim I 1:1). Sadly, his last chapter does not seem to reflect a reign of greatness and achievement. Instead we see a weak, elderly king wallowing in the results of past...

Holiday Thoughts

Yom Kippur – God Desires the Heart

By: Batya Hefter “God desires the Heart’; so teaches the Talmud. Where are our hearts, the seat of our desires and yearnings on this day?   Since Rosh Chodesh Elul we have been the saying pasuk in mizmor leDavid, לך אמר לבי, בקשו פני, את פניך אבקש.   On the face of...

Reflections on the Days of Judgment

by Batya Hefter These days of repentance and forgiveness intensify the ongoing struggle between judgement and unconditional love.  On the personal plane, this translates into a struggle between holding ourselves accountable as opposed to being forgiving of ourselves....


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