Welcome Olot Event was dedicated in memory of Rebbetzin Rose Levine z”l, Rochel Leah z”l bat Rav Elchanan Pesach, by her granddaughter Jessica & Duvy Kupferberg and family.
The Pre-Rosh Hashana Yom Iyun was dedicated by Marilyn & Ed Croman, in memory of Frank & Chai Croman z”l, and Dovid & Helen Kaplan z”l
Rav Meir Shpieglman’s shiur in the Pre-Rosh Hashana Yom Iyun was dedicated in memory of Esther bat Zarifa z”l and Yaakov ben Rachel Z”l by their daughter, Miriam Vangrover
Erev Slichot was dedicated in memory of Lieut. Daniel Ya’akov Mandel z”l by his parents, David & Cheryl Mandel

Parashat Hashavua

A Rough Landing

by Rav Herzl Hefter. I am depressed. Early Friday morning I returned home to Israel from the Limmud Conference in the UK. Jews of all backgrounds, Orthodox, Masorati, Reform and Liberal attended. I say attended and not were represented because we were all there as...

Holiday Thoughts

Reflections on the Days of Judgment

by Batya Hefter These days of repentance and forgiveness intensify the ongoing struggle between judgement and unconditional love.  On the personal plane, this translates into a struggle between holding ourselves accountable as opposed to being forgiving of ourselves....


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