Biblical Heroines - Writing with the Torah

Come Join us for this 2017 summer series with shierri Mandell

We will look into some of the women in the Tanach and respond to these texts with writing exercises meant to deepen out relationship to the texts and to ourselves.


3 classes; Wednesdays July 5-19

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The Master of Prayer

Come join us for this 2017 summer series with Dr. Yakov Azriel!

Delve into the world of Rabbi Nachman through his longest story: The Master of Prayer

3 classes; Fridays July 7-21.

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Hebrew Summer Series

Wednsdays, July 2017

With Dr. Yakov Azriel and Dr. Avishar Har-Shefi

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This week’s Biblical Heroines is dedicated by Sherri Mandell in memory of her parents, Paul and Marilyn Lederman z”l

Parashat Hashavua

Holiday Thoughts

The Celestial and Earthly Jerusalem

by Rav Herzl Hefter Rabbi Yohanan said: the Holy One Blessed Be He said, “I shall not dwell in the Celestial Jerusalem (Yerushalayim shel ma’alah) until I dwell in the Earthly Jerusalem (Yerushalyim shel matah) ”There is a well-known dispute between Maimonides and...

The Exodus from Egypt: The Never-Ending Story

By Batya Hefter Stories in the Torah are powerful because they resonate within us on multiple levels. On the face of it, the redemption from Egypt is a narrative of national emancipation from slavery. However, if we look carefully, we will learn that the story is...


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