Etz Chayim 2018

Join us! 


In the spirit of Hakarat Hatov, and with an eye on the future,

we begin our annual Etz Chayim campaign!

For 21 years, we’ve been privileged to witness the remarkable growth of The WBM.  Thousands have entered our doors and found enriching Torah, and like-minded spirits. With the community’s enthusiastic support, The WBM has strived to meet its spiritual needs, and has opened many hearts and minds to transformative ideas, thanks to Batya Hefter, whose Torah and vision are the driving force behind our organization. Together, we have built a vibrant Torah community.

As of July 2018, Batya will be taking leave of her responsibilities as the Executive Director of The Women’s Beit Midrash while continuing as Rosh Beit Midrash. Batya will continue to focus her vision and talent on developing “Transformative Torah”, with the goal of sharing it with our community and the Jewish world at large. The WBM English classes will continue next year in partnership with Katedra Gush Etzion.
Join us with your renewed support, as our journey with The Women’s Beit Midrash embarks on this new path!  

The Amuta of The WBM,

Pnina Farkas
Sara Jo Ben Zvi
Rivka Demsky
Yocheved Fund
Elisheva Hershler
Dina Roemer
Judi Stern

Join the Etz Chayim Society

Donations of 2,000 nis and above are included in our Etz Chayim Society

Guardian…..NIS 100,000
Benefactor…..NIS 50,000
Patron…..NIS 20,000
Builder…..NIS 12,000
Partner……NIS 8,000
Fellow……NIS 4,000
Friend…..NIS 2,000