Yom Kippur Yom Iyun was dedicated by the Morris, Corman, Ben Zvi, & Pushett families, in memory of beloved father and husband, Conrad Morris z”l, and parents & grandparents, Joseph & Molly Corman z”l, Sidney & Bessie Morris z”l, and Millie Morris z”l
Shani Taragin’s Shiur in the Yom Kippur Yom Iyun was dedicated  in memory of Aharon Gavriel z”l, by his sister and brother in law, Susannah & Avi Schild
Dr. Avishar Har Shefi’s shiur was dedicated in memory of Harav Nachman Meir Bernhar z”l ben Leah and Tuvia, by his daughter and her family, Tova and Harav Yizchak Rubenstein
Erev Hitorerut was dedicated by Rivka and Aharon Demsky in memory of their parents Chaya Nasha bat Zelda and Yerucham Fischel Cohen z”l, & Moshe ben Sheina and Yisrael Natan Neta Galis z”l
Pre-Succot Shiur by Judge Dr. Pnina Newirth was dedicated in memory of Michael Pushett by the Morris and Pushett families

Parashat Hashavua

A Rough Landing

by Rav Herzl Hefter. I am depressed. Early Friday morning I returned home to Israel from the Limmud Conference in the UK. Jews of all backgrounds, Orthodox, Masorati, Reform and Liberal attended. I say attended and not were represented because we were all there as...

Holiday Thoughts

Yom Kippur – God Desires the Heart

By: Batya Hefter “God desires the Heart’; so teaches the Talmud. Where are our hearts, the seat of our desires and yearnings on this day?   Since Rosh Chodesh Elul we have been the saying pasuk in mizmor leDavid, לך אמר לבי, בקשו פני, את פניך אבקש.   On the face of...

Reflections on the Days of Judgment

by Batya Hefter These days of repentance and forgiveness intensify the ongoing struggle between judgement and unconditional love.  On the personal plane, this translates into a struggle between holding ourselves accountable as opposed to being forgiving of ourselves....


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