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Donations of 2,000 nis and above are included in our Etz Chaim Society

Guardian…..NIS 100,000
Benefactor…..NIS 50,000
Patron…..NIS 20,000
Builder…..NIS 12,000
Partner……NIS 8,000
Fellow……NIS 4,000
Friend…..NIS 2,000

Israeli Shekels

To Donate in Israeli Shekels (Tax Deductible in Israel):

Click on link below or

Mail your check to: WBM, POB 3190 Efrat 90435, Israel.


U.S. Dollars via Credit Card


To Donate in U.S. Dollars via credit card for a U.S. tax deductible donation, you may donate via the WBM’s page on the J-Give platform for charitable donations.


Donate via J-Give

U.S. Dollars via PEF


To Donate in U.S. Dollars Via PEF, you may:

A. Mail Check to: PEF Israel Endowment Funds., Inc., 630 Third Avenue, 15TH Floor, New York NY 10017 USA. Earmark to the WBM  Amuta # 58-0369-486.


B. Make a wire transfer: Israel Discount Bank, 511 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10017.  ABA# 026009768, Account # 03-2693-2, Account name: PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc.

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U.S. Dollars via CFI


To Donate in U.S. Dollars Via CFI Mail check to:

From the U.S. 

Central Fund of Israel, c/o Marcus Brothers Textiles, 980 6th Ave, New York NY 10018 attn: Arthur Marcus.

Please make sure to earmark checks to WBM and to send an address for a receipt ( for sums $250 or over).

From Israel:

Mail to Jay Marcus, HaGoel 13, Efrat 90435.

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Pounds Sterling

Donate Pounds Sterling via Achisomach Aid Company Ltd.

Contact our office for details.

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