Etz Chayim 2020

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Make Torah your priority

Classic WBM  ♦  Flagship WBM Programs  ♦  Transformative Torah (click for details)

Dear Friends,
We are proud to launch our annual Etz Chayim Campaign!
We are delighted to celebrate the accomplishments of our Women’s Beit Midrash. The WBM, run by our dedicated board with Batya Hefter’s spiritual guidance, is the umbrella organization for three components:

Classic Women’s Beit Midrash
The Women’s Beit Midrash joint program with Katedra Gush Etzion, offers more annual classes including a tiyul program, bonding our community with enriching experience.

Flagship WBM Programs
The Women’s Beit Midrash marks our calendar with programs for the Holidays, Shabbat, and special occasions.

Transformative Torah
Batya Hefter’s trail-blazing spiritual pedagogic program, devoted to teaching and writing to reach our community and the broader Jewish World.


As members of the board, we are committed to ensure that our Beit Midrash provide high level, inspiring Torah programs that make a difference for our community. We can only be successful with your partnership. Please join us today in this mitzvah to provide a financially strong base for our spiritual home. Your donation will ensure that you will continue to benefit from the quality education that you enjoy and value. Make Torah your priority.

We need that more than ever today.

Thank you for your generosity.


WBM Board

Mindy Barad, Sara Jo Ben Zvi, Rivka Demsky,
Pnina Farkas,  Vicki Frolich, Jackie Gross,
Elisheva Hershler, Dina Roemer, Batya Hefter

Amount Raised of NIS 200,000 Goal:

  • 50%

Join the Etz Chayim Society

Donations of 2,000 nis and above are included in our Etz Chayim Society

Guardian…..NIS 100,000
Benefactor…..NIS 50,000
Patron…..NIS 20,000
Builder…..NIS 12,000
Partner……NIS 8,000
Fellow……NIS 4,000
Friend…..NIS 2,000