Registration 2018-9

Terms and Conditions

Katedra & The WBM’s Community Beit Midrash: Annual Courses 2018-9

Registration Terms & Details:

All courses are dependent upon sufficient registration.

Payment will be charged beginning in October.

Students may attend class on a trial basis for the first two sessions. Registration is required to try a class. Payment will be charged following the 2nd week of classes.

Transportation & Parking:

*Shuttle Service:

Matnas Gush Etzion will offer a shuttle from Efrat and other yishuvim for Tuesday and Wednesday morning programs. Those interested, please check that option on your registration form and indicate your requested day, time, and bus stop. The shuttle is conditional upon sufficient registration. The price will be 25 NIS per month (total of 250 NIS for the year).

* Parking Pass:

Due to overcrowding and parking difficulties at the Matnas Gush Etzion complex, annual class registrants will receive a special parking pass to allow limited parking in specially designated areas, in accordance with the parking terms and conditions detailed in the Parking Policies letter which must be signed upon receipt of the parking pass. Note: Violation of the terms may result in a parking ticket.

Early Bird : For early registration , receive a free kartisia to the pool/ fitness room

By Sept 17, 2018 – 4 entrances

Registration before July 31, 2018 – 6 entrances

All kartisiyot will be issued in October (when payment is charged) and will be valid for 1 year from date of issuance.


Free women’s swim on Wednesdays, 12:30-13:45 for annual class registrants



Regular Annual Course 900 NIS

2nd Regular Annual course & up: 600 NIS

Annual Tiyul Course in English: 1050 NIS

with registration before August 31, 2018: 900 NIS

Individual day trip: 220 NIS

Couple in an annual class: 1 spouse receives 50% off tuition for that class (not including tour class)

Couple in annual English tour class: 1 spouse receives free entrance to Uriel Feinerman course


For Series:

InDance: 120 NIS/ month. For Beit Midrash annual class registrants, 60 NIS/ month

Weds Hebrew short class: 300 NIS per semester

Shoah course with Yad Vashem: 600 NIS. For Beit Midrash annual class registrants, 300 NIS

Gemara course: 120 NIS/ month

Uriel Feinerman course: 500 NIS. For Beit Midrash annual class registrants, 250 NIS

Couple in annual tour course: 1 free tuition to Uriel Feinerman course

*For scholarship request and special circumstances, please contact Aliza at:

Special deals & discounts do not apply for late registration.

תקנון הקתדרה :התקנון המפורט והמחייב מפורסם באתר האינטרנט של המתנ”ס תחת הכותרת אגף מבוגרים. הקפידו לקרוא את התקנון לפני מילוי טופס ההרשמה.  מילוי טופס הרשמה ייחשב כחתימה על התקנון