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If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities contact us: office@wbm.org.il or 02-993-8125

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Sponsor an Event

Sponsorship opportunities at The Women’s Beit Midrash provide Torah-centered events to honor a loved one or mark a special occasion. Sponsorships are available on a one-time basis or a multi-year commitment reserved annually.

Sponsorship allows you to:

  • Invite family and friends to your dedicated event
  • Speak briefly about the person or occasion for the dedication
  • Send audio shiur and sources to family members unable to attend

In addition, dedications will appear in:

  • Flyers distributed in Efrat and Gush Etzion
  • The weekly WBM newsletter
  • The WBM annual course catalogue (when relevant)
  • Source sheets
  • Event dedication sign

If you are interested in these sponsorship opportunities contact us:
office@wbm.org.il or 02-993-8125

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Event Sponsorships


Welcome Olot Event

A home hosted evening to celebrate aliyah and welcome new and veteran olot to the WBM community

Elul Evening Community Shiur

Shiurim open to men & women with a well-known speaker

Y'mei Iyun for Yamim Noraim

Full mornings of Hebrew and English shiurim in preparation for Elul, Rosh Hashana, and Yom Kippur

Erev Slichot

An inspiring evening of singing and Divrei Torah to prepare for the Yamim Noraim.

Tzom Gedalia Shiur

A morning English Shiur on Tzom Gedaliyah

Hoshanna Rabbah Evening in the Sukkah

Home-(Sukkah)-based event to close intense Chagim season.

Pre-Chanukah Lecture

An evening shiur open to men & women

Reserved, 2018: Fund Family

Rosh Chodesh Adar

A unique home-hosted spirited musical and Torah evening

Yom HaShoah – Personal Testimonies

A meaningful evening of Holocaust memoirs and inspiring stories of survival by members of our community. Open to men & women.

HaMaggid HaGadol

A Major pre-Pesach event, emphasizing preparation for Leil Ha’seder. Offers 2 presenters, new insights & creative ideas to take home and questions for the family at the seder. Open to men & women.
Reserved, 2019:

Ongoing Sponsorships


WBM Scholarship Fund

Sponsor someone’s learning in memory of a loved one.

“A Day of Learnnig”

Sponsor a day of Torah study in the WBM in memory of a loved one or in or to mark a special occasion. Great for visiting family members for a simcha with lots of out-of-town visitors.

WBM Chizuk Fund

The WBM seeks to enhance our ongoing programs with innovative projects that foster thought and action. Examples include:

  • Postnup Signing Event
  • Chizuk & Practical Support for the Current Matzav
  • Outreach to Developing Communities (such as Givat HaDagan and Givat HaTamar)
  • “Let Torah Ring in Your Ears” – Expanding our website to offer easy access to mobile shiurim on the go – for the car, your home, your daily walk, and the home-bound.

Audio Shiur Dedication

Dedicate a weekly audio shiur on our website in memory of a loved one. Includes personalized dedication section.

Naming Opportunity for WBM Scholarship Fund