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If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities contact us: office@wbm.org.il or 02-993-8125

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Sponsor an Event

Sponsorship opportunities at The Women’s Beit Midrash provide Torah-centered events to honor a loved one or mark a special occasion. Sponsorships are available on a one-time basis or a multi-year commitment reserved annually.

Sponsorship allows you to:

  • Invite family and friends to your dedicated event
  • Speak briefly about the person or occasion for the dedication
  • Send audio shiur and sources to family members unable to attend

In addition, dedications will appear in:

  • Flyers distributed in Efrat and Gush Etzion
  • The weekly WBM newsletter
  • The WBM annual course catalogue (when relevant)
  • Source sheets
  • Event dedication sign

If you are interested in these sponsorship opportunities contact us:
office@wbm.org.il or 02-993-8125

I Want to Sponsor an Event

Event Sponsorships


Welcome Olot Event

A home hosted evening to celebrate aliyah and welcome new and veteran olot to the WBM community

Elul Evening Community Shiur

Shiurim open to men & women with a well-known speaker

Reserved for 2017: Demsky Family

Y'mei Iyun for Yamim Noraim

Full mornings of Hebrew and English shiurim in preparation for Elul, Rosh Hashana, and Yom Kippur
Elul Yom Iyun Available for 2017
Pre- Rosh HaShanah Reserved for 2017: Croman Family
Pre- Yom Kippur Reserved for 2017: Morris & Corman Families 

Erev Slichot

An inspiring evening of singing and Divrei Torah to prepare for the Yamim Noraim.

Tzom Gedalia Shiur

A morning English Shiur on Tzom Gedaliyah

Reserved for 2017: Farkas Family

Hoshanna Rabbah Evening in the Sukkah

Home-(Sukkah)-based event to close intense Chagim season.

Pre-Chanukah Lecture

An evening shiur open to men & women

Reserved for 2017: Fund Family

Rosh Chodesh Adar

A unique home-hosted spirited musical and Torah evening

HaMaggid HaGadol

A Major pre-Pesach event, emphasizing preparation for Leil Ha’seder. Offers 2 presenters, new insights & creative ideas to take home and questions for the family at the seder. Open to men & women.

Yom HaShoah – Personal Testimonies

A meaningful evening of Holocaust memoirs and inspiring stories of survival by members of our community. Open to men & women.

Yom Yerushalayim

A festive, end of year potluck brunch; shiurim; personal recollections of a Jerusalem Hero; an opportunity to honor WBM volunteers; music by local artists; sing-a long and dancing.

Tisha B’av Program

One of our largest events of the year, with hundreds of participants, including shiurim in Hebrew and English. For men & women.


Summer Learning Program

Ongoing Sponsorships


WBM Scholarship Fund

Sponsor someone’s learning in memory of a loved one.

“A Day of Learning”

Sponsor a day of Torah study in the WBM in memory of a loved one or in or to mark a special occasion. Great for visiting family members for a simcha with lots of out-of-town visitors.

Beit Midrash Pinat Cafe

Women love to come and learn and also enjoy the friendly, caring atmosphere fostered by our Pinat Cafe. Dedicate this corner and a named plaque will appear above the refreshments table.

Audio Shiur Dedication

Dedicate a weekly audio shiur on our website in memory of a loved one. Includes personalized dedication section.

WBM Chizuk Fund

The WBM seeks to enhance our ongoing programs with innovative projects that foster thought and action. Examples include:

  • Postnup Signing Event
  • Chizuk & Practical Support for the Current Matzav
  • Outreach to Developing Communities (such as Givat HaDagan and Givat HaTamar)
  • “Let Torah Ring in Your Ears” – Expanding our website to offer easy access to mobile shiurim on the go – for the car, your home, your daily walk, and the home-bound.

Naming Opportunity for WBM Scholarship Fund