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Fall Bat Mitzva Program

Sundays 19:15-20:45

ב’ בחשון – כ”ב בכסלו


With Ayelet Schleisinger

(In Hebrew)


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I have reachedBat Mitzvah –how will I meet the challenges of this new stage in my life?
As a young girl reaches the age of Bat Mitzvah, she naturally begins to question and explore her evolving relationship with the mitzvot. What does the fulfillment of mitzvot mean to her? How do the commandments help build her inner self?
In this course, we will address questions like these through the study of fundamental Jewish principles, such as the relationship between the individual and God, and the relationship betweenthe individual and community. We will study specific mitzvot relating to the relationships between children and parents; mitzvot pertaining to family members; and mitzvot between friends. The course will involve text study, using sources from Tanakh, Mishnah, Midrash and Hasidut.
Sessions will include:
• Guided, in-depth mother&daughterchavruta study
• One-on-one discussionsapplying our learning to our personal daily lives.
• Group discussions
• Creative activity through music, writing, art and movement.

Price for the series: NIS 590 per mother and daughter pair
Location: TiferetAvot shul, NetzachYerushalayim St., Efrat
Limited space
Pre-registration necessary.
To register, see online form or email office@wbm.org.il,
or call 050-9938125