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Teach Your Children - All of Them: At the Seder and Beyond

(in Hebrew)

Featuring: Rav Sarel Rosenblatt, Dr. Jennie Goldstein, and Vivienne Glaser.

With comedic sketches on parents & teens, by Avital Macales & Yael Valier.

Wednesday, Match 21, 2018, 8:15-9:30pm

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Open to Men and Women

Free of Charge

Donations Welcome

At Beit Knesset Tiferet Avot, 25 Netzach Yerushalayim Street, Dekel, Efrat

Dedicated in loving memory of Anna Rosenfeld z”l by her parents & grandparents, Sue & Tom Rosenfeld, and Rose & Craig Tedmon


Insiders/ Outsiders: A History of Schisms in Judaism

Wednesdays 11:45-13:05


(10 classes)

With Rabbi Prof Jeffrey Woolf


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Throughout Jewish history, movements have arisen to challenge mainstream Judaism (i.e. Christianity/ Karaites/ Sabbatians/ Frankists/ Reform movement 1750/ Habad Messianism). How has Judaism changed, and when has it refused to change, in response to these movements? When has Judaism been reactionary, and when has it been inclusive? What have been the criteria for determining what is kept inside, as opposed to outside?

Bat Mitzva Program: Winter-Spring

Wednesdays 19:15-20:45

א’ בשבט – כ”ז באדר


With Dr. Caroline Peyser-Bollag

(In Hebrew)


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More about the Program

The mother-daughter relationship is an essential part of preparing teenage girls for keeping the mitzvoth and their formative world. We will focus on seven important mitzvoth and learn how they bring us closer to Hashem, to parents, friends and the community at large. Each class consists of three parts –introduction of the topic and raising pertinent questions; source-based mother & daughter chevruta learning and discussion; creative group discussion and activity (writing, drama, etc.).

Topics include:

  • קידוש החודש: Sanctity of time in religious life, and role of rabbis in determining Halacha.
  • ונשמרתם מאוד לנפשותיכם: Care of our bodies, the value of maintaining good health, Halachic attitude to piercing, tattoos, etc..
  • Our religious responsibilities toward others (respect for our parents, love others as we love ourselves, Kiddush Hashem and Chillul Hashem)

A good level of Hebrew is required as well as an interest in textual study.

Price for the series: NIS 590 per mother-daughter pair.

Location: TiferetAvot shul, NetzachYerushalayim St., Efrat

Limited space Pre-registration necessary.

To register, see online form or email office@wbm.org.il, or call 050-9938125