Upcoming Programs

Friday mornings, 9:00-10:15

With selected educators

In cooperation with the Katedra

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Hassidut and Kabbala for your Shabbat Table – from The Women’s Bet Midrash

9 am to 10:15 am

All welcome!

Zohar Unzipped: (5 classes)

Begins March 1

Dr. Biti Roi

What’s the source of the Zohar’s mystic fascination? Why is it central to so many Jewish figures, from the Ari and the Vilna Gaon to Rav Kook? And how does it underpin and influence the deepest roots of Chassidut? These classes will unzip the Zohar’s mystique, exploring its underlying concepts, beliefs and ideas.

Dr. Biti Roi is a lecturer in Kabbala and Chassidut at Machon Schechter and at Zohar Hai (connected to Rav Frumin’s legacy) and a Shalom Hartman Institute research fellow.


April 5

Rabbi Herzl Hefter will teach one pre-Pesach class – title to be announced.


May 3, 17, 24, 31:

Beit Yaakov – The Heart of the Matter

Batya Hefter (4 classes)

How do we hold on to a God-consciousness – to true inspiration – while fully engaged in the details of our daily lives? We’ll explore Rabbi Yaakov Leiner’s approach to this ongoing tension by going “straight for the heart” – in key passages of the Beit Yaakov.


June 15, 22, 29, July 5:

Maor Vashemesh

Rabbi Levi Cooper (Pardes lecturer and rabbi of Zur Hadassa’s community) will teach four classes from the torot of the Maor Vashemesh, Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Epstein, one of the foremost talmidim of Rabbi Elimelech of Lizinsk.

Classes will be in English and take place in Efrat.

Cost – 390 nis for the full program. Open to women and men!

Day Tours with Shulie Mishkin

in English

Gideon & Devorah :Weds., Mar. 27

Canaanites in the Land: Weds., June 22


The Maggid

Divrei Torah for Seder Night  (in Hebrew)

With Dr. Yehosheva Samet Shinberg and Rabbi Herzl Hefter

Monday evening, April 8th, 2019

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