By: Batya Hefter

“God desires the Heart’; so teaches the Talmud.

Where are our hearts, the seat of our desires and yearnings on this day?   Since Rosh Chodesh Elul we have been the saying pasuk in mizmor leDavid, לך אמר לבי, בקשו פני, את פניך אבקש.   On the face of it, one might think it means the God who is out there, asks that our heart seek out His Face.   While there is a dimension of Hashem which is certainly ‘out there’, beyond all understanding and ability to grasp, that is not the aspect of God this verse is talking about.   That is not the God of Yom Kippur.   The psalmist paints a picture in which a person experiences God as speaking from within his own heart.  We possess an internal voice which dwells within our hearts. That voice is the voice of Hashem beckoning us to seek Him out.  (see R. Nachman Likutei Moharan 141)

That inner voice at times is barely audible.  The static of our everyday lives and competing desires drown out the Divine voice within.   Our spiritual labour during these great days of tshuvah and particularly on Yom Kippur is to shift the balance, to quiet the competing voices of our heart and amplify this inner voice.

In this spirit I would like to share the following niggun with you, the words appear is slichot.   ‘רחמנא דעני לעניי ענינא. רחמנא דעני לתשירי לבא ענינא’

Blessings for a gmar chatima tovah,


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